List all Tidal tracks by an Artist (not in library) - possible?

Hello all,

The Tidal and Bluesound apps allow me to list all Tidal tracks by a given Artist. It seems using Roon I can I only view Top Tracks.

Is there a solution or workaround ?


Click on tracks on the left side, then focus, then format, click on Tidal, then click on performers, there’s your list of performers/artists/bands.

As Shawn says, or after you Focus > Format > Tidal, click on the Artist Filter.

Cheers, Greg

Thanks - maybe I am not being clear.

In the Tidal app when you select Frank Sinatra it will list 10 Top Tracks and then if you select Show More it will list the top 300 tracks (same as my Bluesound app).

Using Roon I can only view the tracks that are already in my Library.

Is there a way (using Roon) to list the same 300 Tidal Frank Sinatra Top Tracks and the tracks are not necessarily in my library (only in Tidal).


No, Roon only recognizes albums/songs that have been favorited in Tidal. Only then do they become apart of your library to sort like you want…

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It is possible to list all Tidal albums of an artist, even those not favorited.
But I never use tracks, so I have no answer for you.

Thanks all for replies. I hope version 1.5 will have more Tidal enhancements. Roon stated they are working to improve the Roon/Tidal interface.