List function for Database

Im looking for a list function of the Data in Roon Database. Im filling right know Roon DB with my CD´s. I figured that some of my CD´s are in total not recocnizued by Roon. I don t want to waste time to control every input.
also i need Inf what is Roon changing (metadata)

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One way of getting a list of the data in Roon’s database is to export the contents to an Excel spreadsheet.

Go to the Album browser - select all your Albums (Ctrl-A on a windows machine), click the “3 dots” menu at the top of the screen and choose Export.

You can also focus on “non recognized” albums in album view. This is what I do.

Roon doesn’t change any of the file metadata it stores extra fields in the roon library database not the track metadata.

to understand why some Albums are missing in my Album-view i would like to use the “not recocnized” version. I couldn´t find it on my "Album View"´.

  • unter the Title My Albums it says “482 Albums” which are 66 less than the total number which the database reports.
    Since days i try to figure out where they are how to get them alive. with the list (Export function) i couldn´t lift this miracle. That raised other questions. Step by Step. how can i raise thje request for "unrecocnized " ones?

In the Album browser, use Focus. In the Inspector section of Focus, click “Identified” to activate the “Identified” criterion, which then shows as a purple button at the top. Then click the button to negate it - turn it into “NOT identified”…

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Geoff was faster :slight_smile: Thanks, Geoff

i Understand That Roon takes the filedata and the included metadata and puts it in roon library database. There are some rules which have to bee followed for the naming. I´ve fund some. They are not very strict.
and even if followed that rules data - files, Tracks and even album are missing.
All this is in my workflow done by the. rip software dBpoweramp and Fre:ac. Is there a ripping way which is “roon - ready”? Has roon an own riping entry?.

dbPoweramp supports “File Name Restricted Characters”. I’m not sure Roon has an official list of characters that need to be excluded but you could add your findings to dbPoweramp.

Not sure if there is already a thread with others sharing their restricted list.