List of ios issues - consistent across several versions of app and ios

While I love Roon, I hate the ios app. It has a set of issues that have plagued my music listening experience since I moved over from iTunes/Music…

I am running Roon on a QNAP TS-473, which runs perfectly on the NAS and on every other device - MacBook, Mac Pro, etc

  • It crashes. A LOT. Restarting resolves it for an indeterminate amount of time, but it always resurfaces.
  • Whenever I try to use the camera, it stops Roon from playing. Why? The Music app does not do this, so it’s clearly not an ios issue.
  • If I take out an earbud for longer than a few seconds, when I put it back in, it doesn’t autoplay, and when I try to press play on the lock screen, it loses all the data for the song that way playing and just shows “Roon Labs” with no ability to play music. I have to log into my phone, go to the Roon app, and click play there.
  • It often loses the iPhone “zone.” When this happens, I go into the app and look at zones, the only thing that shows up is the Naim Atom. I have to force quit the app, which sometimes resolve the issue, sometimes not. If not, I have to restart the phone.

Simply put, the app is extremely frustrating to use 90% of the time. I often end up using Music when playing it at home, and while I love the idea of running it over VPN, I can’t even get reliable connectivity on the same network.


I agree on the Ios app being frustrating.

  • camera issue: yep also can replicate this
  • the Iphone Zone is lost very often! Every time your Roon app is not playing, and the iphone goes to lock its screen, the Iphone zone is gone! However yo u don’t need to restart your phone. just go into settings - Audio. Then you will see the ‘This phone is unnamed’. (see print screen)
    Rename the iphone zone --> the app will crash!
    If you then restart the app, the zone is back… I can replicate this issue every time again and again…

maybe we need to tag @support

This thread should stay right where it is, as it‘s not about particular issues for an individual, but a laundry list of fundamental shortcomings that need to be addressed.

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Yeah the iOS app looks like a bad Linux port. Roon should take some pride and make a real iOS app instead of this .NET or Qt or whatever junk translated API they are using to wedge another platform’s app into iOS. It looks bad, the operation is clumsy, and it doesn’t behave well. Roon is a Hi-Fi platform – it’s no place for low-grade apps.


Couldn’t agree more! One-size-fits-all doesn’t work on iOS.

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Roon Remote iOS (ver. 1.7 build 610) crashes a lot for me lately. My iPhone is iPhone 12 Pro Max