List of updates from Roon on 1.8 issues

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Excellent thread. Thanks.

I’m really pleased Roon has acknowledged a lot of the issues and said they are working on solutions for next release. This is really good news and Kudos to Roon for communicating thus.

Am really buoyed by the new release despite it’s hiccups and hope we can look forward to major advances in UX to come.


Thanks Andy.

I’ll continue to add suitable responses from Roon that other users post, but I’m afraid I don’t have the time in the week to actively monitor the forum generally.

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Keyboard Tab sequence broken during edits:

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Thanks Suedkiez!



It’s pretty simple everyone. Before posting in this thread, ask yourself the following question:

Does my post link a new response by a Roon staff member to a 1.8 issue ?

If yes, post away.

If not, don’t post here. Your post will be deleted.

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Thanks RC.

I won’t add this to the list (as it isn’t something Roon are currently acting upon). But it is feedback, and your post serves the purpose of informing users.

Personally, I prefer the indent, and have posted on that thread.


Thanks again RC.

For me, the responses from Roon in items 1 and 2 contain information on their design/functionality philosophy; in play before and beyond 1.8. I hope you understand I want to limit the list to specific changes Roon are working upon after the 1.8 release.

But as and when I have the time I’ll keep an eye on any further response from Roon about improvements that address specfic concerns from users in those topics.

Roon are addressing items 3 and 4; they have already been added to the list.

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Thanks Alexander.


Issues resolved in (Build 763) update:


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I don’t think that 5000 tracks shuffle issue was resolved. It’s still 5000. And now from any screen, even from tags and genres.

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Thanks SuedKiez.


@Alexander_Bashlaev Thanks.

From what I’ve read the main issue has been resolved: the shuffle is now random and not just the first 5k tracks of the active sort.

If Roon responds with actionable feedback to the other concerns I’ll happily add it to the list.

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Repeating from upthread for visibility.

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