Listen music with another computer


I have Roon Rock since several months; I have no issue with it and fortunately, the update 2.0 is compatible.

I have also roon installed on my other computer (Windows); i could manage the update.
But when i want to listen to music via a PC DAC and headphone on this computer, this doesn’t work. I can’t see audio periphicals on my windows computer; It doesn’t even appear in roon.

He seems to me that this is working before so i don’t understand why this is change.
Or maybe i am wrong.

Please help me.


Probably a windows firewall update. Temporarily stop the firewall and see if they show up.

you absolutely right. How can i solve this problem ? without desactivate firewall. Thanks

Do you know how to add exceptions to the list of rules in the Windows Firewall? If so, then these are the exceptions you need:

Thnaks; unfortunately, this doesn’t work and I can find roonserver in the list. i fint only roon and raatserver

Exempt them BOTH then you should be OK

i manage to go to another settings of firewall and that works. thanks

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