Listen youtube through ropieeeXL

What would be the best way to listen youtube through ropieeeXL? I can do this through BubbleUPnP, but stream often interrupts and start from the begining. Probably it is because of my Internet. I cannot fix Internet.
Maybe there are some other ways to stream voice of youtube to ropieeeXl.


If you are playing from Apple device (Mac, iPhone, iPad), you can use AirPlay.

I tried BubbleUPnP, and shorter videos (15 minutes) worked fine but with a one hour video I saw the same interrupt and restart that you reported. I doubt that it is related to the internet. Sorry but I don’t know of other options.

Thanks Richard for the answer.

Some of youtube content is played ok, some is not. I tried to download and then played, and seems it is better - no interruptions. But I am not sure in this, because experiment was not comprehensive.
I got only audio, no video. That’s what you have, correct?

I tried Castify to stream and got the same results.

For BubbleUPnP, I found that some time ago, people complained about interruptions and it was promised to fix it. Not sure if it was or that’s different issue.