Listenbrainz scrobbler

I was wondering if it would be possible to extend scrobbling support to other platforms, specifically Listenbrainz? If you’re not familiar with it, Listenbrainz is an opensource replacement for, based on the Musicbrainz database. I don’t know what it would require to add this functionality, but it seems worth considering.


Hi, I would really be interested in this feature. Would an addon be possible for this? The scrobbling should be about the same as but can Roon read unrelated metadata such as the MBID in the FLAC file?

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I also would love this feature. Now that ListenBrainz supports playlists, it could be a great way to help take your Roon library on the go until there is some form of DAP sync.

In the meantime, could someone familiar with the Roon API please let us know if it is possible to do this with an addon? Can Roon read arbitrary tags? Could someone put us into the right direction for creating this?

+1 to this

I sent this to support:

I really love your software and would like to use it more, however, I track my scrobbles on ListenBrainz and there does not seem to be support for this at the moment. I am more than willing at attempting to code an addon myself, but, I first need to know if it is possible. The ListenBrainz API needs to read some arbitrary metadata on the tags of a file, for example, MUSICBRAINZ_RELEASETRACKID in a FLAC file. Is this possible?
There is a small discussion on the forums if you would want to reply there as well: Listenbrainz scrobbler
Thank you!

and got this back:

Hello Domenic,
Thank you for reaching out to us with your feature request. Additionally, please accept my apologies for the delayed response. We’ve had such an overwhelming wave of interest in Roon since our 1.8 rollout that we’ve gotten a bit behind in the ticket queue. I had hoped to get back to you much sooner and I appreciate your patience.
We are always happy when our users bring additional features that they’d like to see in Roon to our attention. Thank you for adding your voice to the discussion! As you mentioned, a few other Roon subscribers have expressed an interest in this and our product team is closely monitoring to gauge interest in what’s being proposed. Our member community help us innovate and we appreciate your contribution to that effort.
Thank you for your feedback and interest in making Roon the best it can be,
With gratitude,

Which was not helpful at all. I will try and look into the API a bit more when I have a chance, but I would rather someone from Roon just tell me “yes this is currently possible with the current API” or “no this is not possible at the moment.”

That reply you received is just a long winded way of saying “we’re not interested in pursuing this capability at present, but please continue begging and we may one day change our minds.”

defo seconding this as a feature request :slight_smile:

just going to say, for anyone using android: i have found that “Simple Scrobbler” (which supports listenbrainz) does pick up Roon as a media player from the notification service, and it appears to work for scrobbling stuff to listenbrainz. not ideal, because it won’t pick it up if you’re controlling roon from a PC/Mac and the android app is asleep, but it’s the best we’ll get for now, seemingly!

I’m interested in this primarily because

  • I like scrobbling and listening history reports.
  • has frankly gone down the tubes in recent years, and ListenBrainz is a community-run project by the MusicBrainz people that is unlikely to suffer from the same kind of problems, by virtue of being community-run.
  • ListenBrainz already does all the meaningful things does.

Just wanted to check in on this. Would the Roon team take this into consideration yet? I miss the software but will not re-subscribe until this feature is added or the functionality needed (reading arbitrary tags while song is playing) is added to the Roon API. Any kind of acknowledgement, even a “we will consider this in the future” or a “no” would be very much appreciated!

Roon already stores a history of listening habits of each user (I believe) it’s what drives Valence and hence Recommendations and Roon Radio

Why should they consider another means of storing what they already store , and without being rude probably better than a crowd sourced system

Without getting too deep into it, your reasoning of “storing listening data” would not be the entire point since it is not as feature-rich as ListenBrainz. I definitely don’t see how you think a crowd-sourced system built in to the software is better than a service in which you can use a limitless amount of apps to scrobble your music (if it supports it, of course :wink: ).

For example, using ListenBrainz you can directly link to the exact release and track that you listened to.

You can send a link to your profile to a friend to share what you’ve been listening to lately.

You can follow people with similar interests as you.

You can check out graphs of how your listening habits change or evolve.

You can use their API to do a limitless amount of stuff with the data that is gathered.

By your argument, why would they add if they already track users listening habits?

The simple built-in service should not be the only way to use that data.


I have just discovered GitHub - FoxxMD/multi-scrobbler: Scrobble plays from multiple sources to multiple clients and it’s awesome! It forwards all the scrobbles from one source (e.g. to another (e.g. ListenBrainz). It’s working perfectly! I suggest others check it out if they want scrobbling with Roon and ListenBrainz.

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