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(Aaron Garrett) #322

The whole EP is great, but the standout is the first tune “Drumting” by HAAI.

(Scott G) #323

Got it! Thanks Aaron.

(Rob OK) #324

No… you missed the tag #notRoon !

I would love to add SoundCloud, if anyone has a work around for adding an artist or stream from SoundCloud into Roon, that would be great! As far as I know, not possible.

(Wim) #325

You can download from SoundCloud and save the file in a watched folder.

(Aaron Garrett) #326

I totally agree about adding Soundcloud to Roon. It’s the one thing that makes me think about switching back to a Squeezebox style interface…

That EP is on TIDAL though.

(Sascha T.) #327

Actually… the album version is nicer:

(Jan) #328

(Sean) #329


(Bernd) #330

One of my all time favorite albums! If you like Younger Brother you will love this.

Olivier Orand aka Hol Baumann

(Jan) #331

Had to search for Hol Baumann to show up. Great find, thanks :smile:

(Sean) #332