Listening to Electronic/House/techno/IDM/EDM

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Let’s share our common love for electronic/house/techno/IDM…
So many genres to cover but keep 'em coming!
Starting off with Jon Hopkins. Can’t wait to see him live when he visits Stockholm in October.

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Great, wanted to create electronic music audiophile tunes thread myself. Will post stuff a bit later. Love Jon Hopkins!

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Looong overdue ! :+1:


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I have number of electronic albums that I use to test new audio systems and tweaks. It’s a long list, so i’ll try to post just few per day :wink: Starting with this gem


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Here’s another favourite of mine. Recondite. This track is like an extension of the soundtrack from the movie “Dunkirk”

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Last one from me for today. I have to hold myself posting more


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Thanks for sharing :pray: Enjoying this at the moment! Great production.


Yes! I love EDM. BTW why do you call that IDM?

I like Psybient a lot, particularly Shpongle:


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Added EDM to thread name. IDM=Intelligent Dance Music, another genre.

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I have all shpongle albums on cds and vinyl. Used to be a big fan.

EDM is really stupid modern term that usually describes overcompressed, pop electronic club music. I hate this term. IDM is usually heavily synthesised music like aphex twin, squarepusher, wisp etc

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Burnt Friedman. Check out also his collaboration with the late Jaki Liebezeit.

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Agree, the terms are confusing and it’s not always clear how to label a track. We, humans, want to label everything more or less…

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Ha, I should probably delete my Armin Van Buuren post above then :weary:


Ah yeah labels: Hardstyle, Trance, Goa Trance, Harcore, RAW, Frenchcore, Techno, Minimal…I used to listen to Hard Rock / Metal and they had the same disease…


No more Shpongle? What happened??

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Nono, sorry, I am not here to judge other people music choices. And pop music is not always bad. But in case of EDM it’s often is, in my opinion only. I’ll listen to the track you posted earlier, I’m sure it sounds sweet

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I don’t know. I used to listen to it 24/7 for many years. Then one day I got tired of it :slight_smile: