Listening to Electronic/House/techno/IDM/EDM

(Jan) #21

Intricate and compelling!

(Nondual) #22

(Nondual) #23

Nice! Enjoyed this

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(Mark) #26


I’ll contribute this. I’ve picked Silhouttes but the whole album is great.

(Sean) #27

Nice, I love this kind of house. Beach house vibes, summer vibes.

(Jan) #28

This is what I love with a community! Especially sharing music. Discover new artists, rediscover old ones and just hang with like-minded.
Music to like or dislike. it doesn’t matter. Just appreciate the fact that he/she loves music like the rest of us.
Keep 'em coming.

(Jan) #29

As long as there is a piano in house music, I’m good :grinning:

(Sean) #30

What about the amazingly talented Lovely Laura on saxaphone? :wink:


(Darko.Audio contributor) #31

Thanks for all the suggestions, I may even be able to get one up on the boss now :slight_smile:

Anyone fancy putting a Tidal playlist together that we can share?


(Tim Rhodes) #32

I have posted this album before, but it definitely belongs on this thread!

A brilliant album, and one of my absolute favourites.

(Tim Rhodes) #33

Of more recent vintage I have been enjoying this album too

(Tim Rhodes) #34

Yeah and this one as well. To be honest I have quite a lot I could share on this thread!

(Tim Rhodes) #35

I’ll stop talking but keep posting…

…great thread, thanks!!

(Sean) #36

How are you listening to all that at the same time Tim?

Using Roon’s multi-zone to the fullest? :grin:

Just kidding of course. Great recommendations there.

(Tim Rhodes) #37


My other half isn’t really an IDM/Electronica fan, so I listen on my own, in secret! But unfortunately still only one album at a time for the moment :wink:



Very peaceful sound, check it out!

(Nondual) #39

Great stuff there Tim. Love this Rival console album, just like everything else from Erased tapes. And ott is amazing Gigatoaster. I have all of his albums on cds and vinyl also :slight_smile:


So I guess you have all Hallucinogen, 1200 Micrograms, Younger Brother and GMS, too :nerd_face:

You have good tastes of music, sir!