Listening to Electronic/House/techno/IDM/EDM

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On record store day they released a boxset from Erased Tapes but unfortunately I missed out on the clear vinyl version as it was limited to 1000 copies :frowning:

(Nick) #42

I just saw this on Tidal earlier. Not had time to listen yet but is top of my list for later. Really like Four Tet/KH

(Jan) #43

It’s a great live recording! Hurry up and listen :headphones:

(Jan) #44

On the go, Tidal pic instead. Duo from Canada.

(Nick) #45

OK OK…I’m on it :wink:

Sounding excellent. Am trying to work out if I have the stamina to go to one of his nights at Brixton Academy. They look like all-nighters starting at 22.00. Hmmmm….

(Nick) #46

Drone Logic still gets a lot of play in my house.

(Tim Rhodes) #47

Yeah in mine too, a great album.

Also the previous Jon Hopkins is good too, Immunity, I think??


Slightly related…

Classical chamber music indeed. :sweat_smile:

(Jan) #49

Yeah. Those late night shows…Some 20 years ago, no problem. Today, hmm. The Jon Hopkins gig I am attending in October starts at 19.00. I’ll be home to the late night news :sleeping:

(Nick) #50

Yes…100% agree. Jon Hopkins latest is great (mentioned at the top of this thread I think) but his back catalogue is really impressive too.

With Four Tet I find myself regularly coming back to this one



Lots of nice stuff in this thread that I didn’t know about, thanks!
Here’s one album I always come back to (if I happen to remember the artist’s name :yum: )

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Great album. I use this one to test stereo imaging a lot

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Still going through my playlist of reference electronic music tracks that I use to test new speakers and components. This one is available in MQA on tidal

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(Scott Fletcher) #58

To me this one ticks a few boxes… Rockin beats!

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