Listing albums by inspect, want to list all albums that has "No" Cover, this is not possible right?


Just not seeing this as an option under INSPECTOR list.

Has all other options but not the “No Cover”. :frowning:

If you select the “Focus/Inspector/Has Cover” then activate the focus you can toggle the tag between covers/no covers…


I am confused and don’t get this part. There is no “has cover” in the inspector, so how to select that? There is only large cover, medium cover, small cover, has back cover.

I can, however, first select large cover and invert it, select medium cover which gets added to the inverted selection, then select small cover which gets added as well. (First time I notice this) This gives me:

This depends on a users library (no need to distinguish between large medium and small if all the covers in a users library are the same size). It might be hard/impossible tough, to get “Has cover” (all covers of the same size) for users of streaming services.

Ah, I see. Makes sense I guess, and the required focus in my case has a nice flow and discovery was quite intuitive. Nice work, and glad I learned something new

There may be minor differences between devices e.g. Android vs IOS, my screenshots are from IOS, but as @BlackJack has mentioned it could well be dependent on the source of the music i.e. streaming or local files, in my case I do both but the majority of mine are local.
The lack of format options in your screenshot suggests you only stream?

He doesn’t just stream, I have the same options on iOS and i have both local and streaming. So it’s just based on content.

Both local and streaming indeed. No formats are shown because all albums in my library have covers and I inverted the large/medium/small covers focus, meaning the focus shows no albums and hence no formats.

BlackJack’s explained the covers size situation very well.

The display of elements in Roon is often dynamic. Means:

The streaming content options introduced with Roon 1.8 (build 987) are not: there but do nothing, there but grayed-out and disabled, they are just not there without active/enabled streaming.

The option to enable/disable exclusive mode does not get displayed for audio devices where there is no choice to make (exclusive mode unavailable or always on).

Same for Focus. Why allow users to select DSD when there is no such content in a library? Why allow selecting Large Cover when there aren’t any?

A reason why screenshots are often so important when it comes to Roon – they can really tell a lot.