Little metadata for Géza Anda album

When I add this Géza Anda from Quobuz. Roon has almost no metadata. No composers, no conductors, no orchestras:

All this information seems to be on both Qobuz and MusicBrainz.

@support is this right? Is there really no metadata coming through to roon?

Just curious, what happens if you manually re-identify the set? I know that Roon will tell you that it is already using the correct metadata, but push through to the track-matching screen, and save at that point. What happens, do you see the conductors, composers, and orchestras now?

I’ve just (half) checked. If you identify manually there are 2 options. The automatic default one roon is using has 100% match, the 2nd one has 11 un-matched tracks.

I am a bit reluctant to experiment as I have already manually added the meta-data so I don’t really want to loose that work. But if you have a Qobuz account you can try? I have to say that I am extremely dissapointed with Qobuz metadata integration. This is not an isolated example. I find it the rule rather than the exception. But in this case roon has found some album level metatdata and there is an album bio, it’s just missing all the track level metadata wheras it is all there in Musicbrainz (that is where I have copied it from). Seems strange to me. Maybe, there is potential for a relatively small tweak at the roon end if this sort of thing is happening so often with Qobuz.