"Live" as a category like singles and EPs

It would be so good to be able to categorise an album as “live” and show these below main albums in the same way that singles & EPs are grouped. Given the amount of live downloads, bandcamps etc. would be really useful. At the moment for instance I have artists “Marillion” with the 20 main albums and “Marillion-live” with 21 live albums and downloads. And as for bands like Phish, Dave Matthews Band, Grateful Dead, similar.

Singles and EPs are (distribution) media designations Live is a per track (or media) performance attribute.

There is already a “Live” badge that you can assign to your Live albums… Go to Settings > General > Customize album display to turn it on.

Then to add the badge to your album(s) you can select multiple albums, go to the Album editor and assign the Live badge to them all in one operation.

Once you’ve done that, you can use Focus in the Album Browser to display just your Live albums if you wish…