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I don’t know if this info has been posted before.
Here is a great site for free downloads of great jazz.

Pros: Top notch live music for free.

Cons: Only lossy formats (AAC and MP3) at different rates, good sound though. Works fine on Mac and PC but doesn’t seem to work on mobile devices.

Tip: Go to the linked site, click on “Artists” (or “Catalogue” if you will) click on an artist, click on an album and download by clicking on the line (just below the credits) containing the name, place and date of the event.

These are the albums (minus Beck and Lady Gaga) that I just downloaded.


Thanks for sharing

It looks like you added it as a service?

Hi John,
No, I just downloaded the (zipped) files to a folder in my Mac, unzipped and added them to my Roon library folder.
However, something odd to me happened, Roon doesn’t show them as “Recently Added”.
To find the tracks I have to make a “Focus” on the MP3 and AAC formats as you can see in the screen shots above.
Just out of curiosity, is there any reason for that behavior in Roon?

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No idea why this happened but thanks for explaining how to get the files. Good one.

What are your settings in Settings --> Library --> Import Settings --> Track Import Dates ?

By default, files inside zips retain their timestamps when you unzip them on to your filesystem.

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Thanks joel! That solved the problem.

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Great resource! I’m downloading them now and subscribed for future updates. Thanks for sharing!

This site is amazing for Jazz lovers. I have been downloading music all morning. Thanks so much for pointing us to the site.

Let me add my thanks to you for this great resource!!