Live Radio down?

Nothing is showing up in the Live Radio category, except stations I have added. And when I try to play a station that I added, I get the message “Station Unavailable - Station No Longer Exists.” Same behaviour if I go to the My Live Radio. All the rest of Roon seems to be working fine. Thanks

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Live Radio down for me as well, seems a Roon central servers issue @support @dylan

Same here, thanks

+1. Came here to report this as well. Seems to have just happened around 12:45 PM Pacific time for me. Was working just fine until then. The station that I was streaming is still streaming uninterrupted, though, and I haven’t tried to stop the stream or restart the server, just letting it play.

Same. Can’t play any internet radio stations.

No access to all live radio stations…here in Queensland. I have restarted core (on iMac) and restarted the machine. Saturday morning without radio :frowning:

Same here in the UK. Was ok earlier this evening

Hmm. I can play direct using a testing route from the Roon backend server so something else has fallen over.

Anyway @alec_eiffel has tipped off support, so we wait…

Your “Live Radio” stopped working properly.
When will be repaired?

Same here. Live Radio only shows Recently Played stations; no way to browse other available stations.

Dead in the UK also. Was ok earlier this evening

It already works for me

Working OK in Australia.

It’s now working here.

In the UK I cannot get Radio to play. I have re booted my Roon Core.
Music via Tidal plays fine.
Non of the alternative streams I have tried work either.

Working here in UK for me.

QNAP TVS 471 basic network switches BT Router Meridian 210 streamer.

I have re booted my NAS and still no luck.

I can no longer play most radio stations at this time.

The BBC stations in particular but not exclusivly.

I can play Zetland FM, WXNA, Classic FM. Amongs others which makes me think it’s not my network at fault.

Any ideas would be appreciated

Adding this URL separately allows me to play BBC Radio 2

It seems the AAC streams won’t play

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No issue here in Germany. I´ve tried about ten different stations and all played well.

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