Live radio dropping out every 30 mins

Classic Fm keeps dropping out every 15-30 minutes and has to be restarted on my kitchen airplay speakers.
Core runs on eggsnow I5 core pc running win 10. Latest version of Roon on core and remotes. Core is connected via Ethernet to BT hub. 47mbps download via vpn
Any ideas?

Is this isolated to this station only? Do local music files play ok? What about tidal/qobuz streaming services?

Vpn traffic can be quite throttled so try without the vpn.

It’s the same without the VPN. Local Music files and Tidal all play ok.

Hello @Larry_Armitstead, I’ve played Classic FM UK this morning, and got a hiccup or two. Roon restarted the stream by itself though.

EDIT - no, the hiccup was caused by something else.
So I have played the stream for one and a half hours with no problems.
@wizardofoz’s suggestion of testing on another station (or endpoint) is a good one.

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