Live Radio - "No Internet" after 918 and "fix"

Hello, I’m just reporting this in case it helps others.

After upgrading to 1.8 build 918 yesterday, Browse > Live Radio would sit there with only the “loading” icon showing, and then eventually tell me I didn’t have an internet connection. The only other thing I noticed not working was manually checking for an update again. The rest of Roon + Qobuz was still working. I know at some point during the day I rebooted my cable modem and my nucleus+, but not my router.

Today Live Radio was still doing the same thing eventually telling me I didn’t have an internet connection. I just rebooted my cable modem, then router, then nucleus+. All seems to be well again. I suspect this was related to the new DNS lookup and caching in 918 and that change was not playing well with my router.

Then again this may all be coincidental. :slightly_smiling_face:

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