Live Radio : sorting radios by stream quality

Congratulations to Roon team for the live radio, really a strong feature. In the next version, perhaps sorting/selecting stream by stream quality (lossless/lossy, MP3 etc…) could be great.



I would also find this feature great !!


Yes agree!

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Thank you Roon team for adding this feature!

It would also be great to be able to filter by stream quality!


I can’t ever find a reason to play tinny and lifeless sub cd quality radio streams. Bizarre state of affairs it’s still the dominant approach out there.

Filtering by bit rate would be good

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I appreciate the new feature and would love this functionality too. :slight_smile:

They are nearly all sub CD quality I’m afraid. The BBC AAC stations sound pretty good though.

I can see this as a good option for people who do though. I wonder how many that is?

I have so much music in my library and Tidal that I don’t go looking for internet stations and I know what I want anyway. It’s mostly BBC Talk/Music Radio and I may dive about a bit if I know an artist is being interviewed on air somewhere.

Roon automatically selects the highest quality per station which is nice.

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I may be the only one, but a factor in my buying a Roon lifetime subscription earlier this year (saying goodbye to Audirvana and JRiver) was Roon’s reliability in streaming internet radio (flac or lossy).


I agree that sorting on bitrate would be great. I find the streaming stations a great way to find new music.

Having the streaming stations in Roon, with bitrate getting attention, might prompt some stations to further improve stream quality.


Also would love this feature.

All stations that have a flac quality stream have the keyword FLAC.
Searching for flac via the magnifying glass will bring these up. There are 35 such stations in Roon and as far as I know we are not missing any that are freely available (i.e. no subscription).

If anyone knows of more, let me know!

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Yes – ability to sort live radio stations by stream quality would be extremely useful. Even the dreaded Apple Music allows for that.

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