Live Radio : sorting radios by stream quality

Congratulations to Roon team for the live radio, really a strong feature. In the next version, perhaps sorting/selecting stream by stream quality (lossless/lossy, MP3 etc…) could be great.



I would also find this feature great !!


Yes agree!

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Thank you Roon team for adding this feature!

It would also be great to be able to filter by stream quality!


I can’t ever find a reason to play tinny and lifeless sub cd quality radio streams. Bizarre state of affairs it’s still the dominant approach out there.

Filtering by bit rate would be good

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I appreciate the new feature and would love this functionality too. :slight_smile:

They are nearly all sub CD quality I’m afraid. The BBC AAC stations sound pretty good though.

I can see this as a good option for people who do though. I wonder how many that is?

I have so much music in my library and Tidal that I don’t go looking for internet stations and I know what I want anyway. It’s mostly BBC Talk/Music Radio and I may dive about a bit if I know an artist is being interviewed on air somewhere.

Roon automatically selects the highest quality per station which is nice.

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I may be the only one, but a factor in my buying a Roon lifetime subscription earlier this year (saying goodbye to Audirvana and JRiver) was Roon’s reliability in streaming internet radio (flac or lossy).


I agree that sorting on bitrate would be great. I find the streaming stations a great way to find new music.

Having the streaming stations in Roon, with bitrate getting attention, might prompt some stations to further improve stream quality.