Living Stereo RCA albums

What is the easiest way to find the ‘Living Stereo’ RCA albums available on Tidal using the search box in Roon…?

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Hi David,

I’m not sure that’s possible, unless Living Stereo is in the name. I believe Roon only searches Artists, Albums, Playlists and Tracks for the text you type.

I did see an album with RCA Living Stereo in the name, but you can’t count on that every time.

Maybe others have a suggestion.

Cheers, Greg

User define tags. You have to do a one time find first in order to attach the tag.

That is what I would do at least.

Trank you posting that question. I asked this for myself a time ago. The not very satisfactionary way I used (trial) was subsequent individual album search in roon’s Tidal “title”/“show all” search results after having the RCA search term (see below). And yes - in the end it was somehow frustrating and I gave up this search. I’m looking forward to the ideas coming from the great

I suppose for the one button brigade the following would be akin to the New York City marathon but

google living stereo box
copy list of the name of an album you would like to hear eg MUNCH, CHARLES/Saint-Sans: Symphony No. 3; Debussy: La Mer; Ibert: Escales
Paste into Roon search

click the second album on the left.


This did not seem to work either…thanks for the attempt…