Loading albums from Tidal takes forever

From PCs it’s fine, but from Androids it takes forever: loading artists is fine, but, once I click on an artist, it may take forever (from 4 to 12 seconds) to load their albums. This is on both a Huawei P20 Pro phone and a Samsung Galaxy tablet.

I think the bottleneck is Tidal because, if I log out of it, loading artists becomes very quick. Is anyone else experiencing this?

The core is running on a Synology NAS DS918+, with 8GB of RAM, and has been installed on an SSD disk, reformatted into ext4, and connected to the NAS via USB.

My library is only 10 albums at the moment because I haven’t yet moved my music from my PC to my NAS - which makes the lag all the weirder.

Phone and PC are in the same room as the router, with perfect wifi; the internet connection is fibre, so quite fast.

I had this for While it was Roons server code which they did update a week ago I guess in readiness for this release. I think they are still balancing out the load caused by the new update as many new users since adding Qobuz.

But what’s odd is that the lag is only on the Android, not on the PC; sure, the PC is more powerful, but you shouldn’t need a lot of computing power to retrieve a list of albums from one artist.

Did you experience this on PC and Android or only on Android?

It’s wireless Vs LAN, could that be a mitigating circumstance. Mine was worse via the apps to the pc to.