Loading music on Nucleus +

New guy here.

So I load my music into my Nucleus + from a USB disc drive it all seems to load fine.

When I disconnect the drive the music is gone.

It’s like it reads the music but does not store it on the internal 2TB hard drive. I must be missing a step somewhere.


Check here:

Can you describe how you are “loading” the music into the Nucleus? From what you are describing it seems like you may not be actually moving the files onto the Nucleus but only pointing at the storage location.
I assume that this is a second drive in the nucleus and not the OS drive that you are trying to put the files on?
Can you post a screen shot of your WebUi for the Nucleus and the settings/storage page from Roon?

What you described doesn’t sound like a copy process. Maybe plug the usb drive into a PC/laptop with network access to the nucleus then use drag and drop from the pc to do the copy.

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Hi William, welcome to the forum. Does your Nucleus Plus have an internal storage drive, or just the drive required for the Roon Operating System? You cannot store music on the Roon OS drive.

If you have an internal drive and the music transferred to it, is your Core on the Nucleus Plus configured to read the internal drive to access the files under Settings → Storage?

When you plug a usb drive into a Nucleus it is seeing that as the storage drive. There is no way to copy music from an attached usb drive directly to the Nucleus internal drive. If the goal is to get the music onto the internal drive, then you have to plug the usb drive into another computer and copy the contents over the network to the Nucleus internal drive.

Reference this Roon FAQ


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