Local albums marked as Tidal (and unavailable)

I’m new to Roon, so may be missing something, but…

Last night I was trying to play a Pat Metheney album which I own and have ripped to MP3. Roon showed the album in my local album list, but showed the tracks as unavailable. Figuring I’d sort it out later, I went to Tidal, which showed the album, but also showed the tracks as unavailable.

Going back to my local albums, I noticed that several of them had the little Tidal logo on them, which I assume means Roon thinks I downloaded them from Tidal. But I didn’t – they were ripped from a CD and are stored locally as standard MP3’s. I can’t play them though.

Hey @Matt_McConnell on the album page - that’s the page that’s displayed immediately after selecting the album and shows the cover art, a review, and the tracks listed below - there should be a box at midpoint on the display that says: “Other Versions”

Select that box and select the MP3 version.

Hope this helps.


Thanks very much for the help @dbtom2. I just checked and I can select the local album using “Other Versions”, although it seems a little tricky to actually get Roon to show the local version even after I’ve set it as the default.

However, I still don’t understand why Tidal albums are showing up in my local library when I haven’t downloaded them. Does ‘local library’ not mean what I think it means?

Hey @Matt_McConnell

I can’t answer why the albums are showing up as Tidal tracks when you’ve got local copies. Above my Roon paygrade.

Just a helpful hand from one Metheny fan to another. (And a wish that more of his stuff was available on Tidal. The dude is prolific. I own 14 of his albums on CD, another 4 on LP and still want more.)

Hope someone else can chime in on the local/Tidal discrepancy.

Good luck with Roon. Enjoy.