Local CD Rips jumbled with all sorts of other stuff from Tidal

Hi There. I am new to Roon and have an issue with the way the library is managed & displayed. Roon examines my Innuos hd where my recorded cds are all but then jumbles them with all sorts of other stuff from my Tidal account which I don’t want appearing in my library. I wonder whether its to do with genre preferences in Tidal which I don’t seem to be able to reset or change.

Previously I had a spotify account and music only appeared as my music when I’d specifically included it …which is how I like it.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. THanks Hugh

Hi Hugh,

here you go:


There are more entries in the forum, just search for “Tidal collections”.
Hope this helps.


Thanks NOA,

Will try that in a bit. As my second system just uses tidal via chromecaste do you know if I can do the same actually in Tidal?



Not sure if I understand your question correctly but maybe this answer helps:

The Tidal content you have seen displayed in Roon has been taken from Tidal and integrated into your Roon library.
I do not know if chromecast has a similar kind of functionality.

Its ok NOA - I have figured it out cos the process of opting out of “collections” opts you out in tidal so result and its done it already! Thanks for your help