Local files suddenly not showing after build 1223 update

It could be coincidence, but it seems like since the latest Roon update a few days ago (version 2.0 build 1223) my local files aren’t appearing in Roon. They were definitely there a few days ago. My Zen mk 3 is still listed as Roon core, Tidal files are all there, but local files are gone.

When I go to my Albums and click Focus, under Storage Locations only ‘Tidal Library’ is listed, no local drive.

In the left sidebar Settings > Storage, I only see ‘Music Folder’ displayed. I’m wondering if I should see a local Zen folder here too? Or is Music Folder the Zen folder?

Not sure how to troubleshoot this. I briefly tried adding a new network shared folder by inputting the Zen IP address as a new network folder but I get an ‘invalid path’ error.

I contacted Innous yesterday but wondered if anyone might have some tips on how to regain access to my local files in Roon.

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I have same problem here, there’s a thread on the forum about it but can’t find the thread right now. A temporary fix is to

  1. disable your storage locations under settings, and then

  2. log out from your Roon core under general settings.

  3. Log back in and it will show zero albums,

  4. log back into Tidal/Qobuz and then

  5. go and enable your storage locations - your albums will all appear again.

This is not a permanent fix as it will lose the locations again if you log out or switch off your core. Definitely a problem with current 1223 release

Just found the other thread on this


It’ll probably be better to change your post’s category to “support” where it’s like to get more attention.

Thank you! I appreciate this insight

I did that, thanks. I thought it was better to post it under #audio-gear-talk:innuos since I’m using an Innuos server. Sounds like it’s more universal than that though.

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Hey @tholt,

Following up on this thread, are you still running into issues getting your library synced to your core?

I’ll be on standby for your reply. :+1:

Hi Benjamin,

Thanks for reaching out. Yep, issue still remains. Only files showing are Tidal. No local files. There were many others reporting this issue as well. Sorry for the repost, wasn’t sure I replied to you directly

Hey @tholt,

Thanks for letting me know! We’re still investigating the issue, but I wanted to check in and ask how your local files are connected to your core?

Are they on an external drive connected to your mac remote? Or, are they directly connected to the zen core?

Hi @benjamin , my files are directly connected to zen core, no external drive.


Same here, thanks for temporary solution @ Evo1668. Roon labs please fix limitedly, now Roon is seriously broken! I have big own collection and this error is no go. I remove all storage before and no luck, also many rescan and no luck. Interesting - sometimes Roon show a few tracks for my local, but only for minutes, all data in focus when local path view - not available. So 1223 have big bug, always local/services scan works flawless until. PLEASE FIX!

It works only limited time (not only Roon re-start but after rescan sometimes local disappears!). So not only very frustrating bypass but no permanent fix there!

Hey @tholt,

We have just released Roon Hotfix build 1232 which should help with this behavior. Please try to update your Roon Core to the latest version and let us know if it helps resolve the issue on your end, thanks!

Hey @benjamin , thanks for the reply. In fact I did just do the update, but nothing seemed to change on my end. I still didn’t see any local files, and the other issue – tracks in Playlists being Unavailable (including Tidal tracks) are still Unavailable.

Was there something I need to do manually after the update?

Hey @tholt,

Thanks for letting me know! There was a small hiccup in getting the hotfix properly applied, please stand by while we get things sorted out. :+1:

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Thank you @benjamin !

Please try updating to build 1234 which was just released.

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Hey @tholt,

Yes if you could please update to build 1234 and let me know how things are running, I’ll be on standby for your reply. :pray:

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Hey @benjamin , yup did the upgrade and all looks good! I posted this in the other related thread as well. I really appreciate the personal attentiveness and checking up. And a huge thanks to you and the Roon team for escalating and addressing the issue quickly. :pray: :pray: Happy to have my files back!


I’m glad to hear it @tholt, happy listening! :notes:

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Hello@benjamin, my local files don’t show even after the update to build 1234. Is there something else i can try?

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