Local Radio Station will no longer play

Roon Core Machine

HP Obelisk i7 Core, 32GB RAM
Windows 10

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Core and end points network connected hard wire to Telegartner M12 GOLD switch —> Xfinity router

Connected Audio Devices

dCS Rossini DAC

Number of Tracks in Library

5,000 tracks
Primarily use Tidal

Description of Issue

Local Radio Station 96.3 WXKE does not play

Hello @James_Graves , I’ve updated the streams, try now.

Thanks Brian, that worked.

On additional request: there are 3 other local Fort Wayne, IN radio stations, but they do not show up in Roon? Can you add these:

98.9 FM
101.7 FM
103.9 FM

Thanks! Jim

I’ve added
103.9 Wayne FM (US only)
98.9 The Bear

But not Classic hits 101.7 - this seems to be off-air. Is this the station you meant?

I can’t add 101.7 I’m afraid - Roon won’t accept the stream.

Classic Hits 101.7 now added.

Thank you so much Brian!

I was wondering why you could not get 101.7 to load when I listen all the time in the car.

Great you go it to add…

Thanks again!


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