Local Roon ARC fail to connect to local server but success from local network

I’m confused that from my roon server, Roon ARC menu shows “Not ready”
but Roon ARC of same network successfully connect to Roon Server.

what can I do more?

I think changing roon server IP can be solution, but unable to change Roon Server IP

Yes, it is perfectly normal for Roon ARC to be able to connect when your phone is connected via WiFi to your home network. This error message is telling you that you won’t be able to connect remotely (i.e. when outside of your home network and using mobile connectivity services.

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Please post more details of your setup, including who your ISP is. Thanks.

As I said in your other post thread - install the Roon client on your iPad. Roon ARC is intended for smartphones.

unable to change anything for the firewall because it is company firewall.

if you mean roon remote as roon client, it is running well.

but I want to run RoonARC remotely (iPhone, Astell&Kern SE300 DAP via iPhone)

So unless Support manage to figure out why your Roon ARC setup isn’t working and fix it, your scenario with an iPhone will not work.

You don’t need to have Roon ARC installed on your iPad, just the Roon client is sufficient for at-home use.

As I said earlier - support are going to need more information to help diagnose your issue.

what kind of prototols are used between RoonARC and RoonServer?
how to change Roon Server IP where the Server have multiple network adapters?
how secure roon server to get exception from company network administrator? any public evidence?
any other possibility using roon Bridge locating out side of company network? but still protocols are unknown between roon bridge and roon server.

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My all music environments are located at company inside.
I want to enjoy my collected music outside of corporate network.

comment me it is possible scenario.

installing RoonServer at Cloud such as Amazon web service
installing RoonBridge at company network inside playing local music players and speakers.
RoonARC access to Cloud RoonServer.

is it possible scenario?

Not possible

It seems from your description that you’re going to have to talk to your company’s network administrators to open up a port forwarding route to your Roon Server…

technically impossible?
or impossible by roon policy?

port forwarding is not quite applicable for corporate policy.
I think NAT (Network Address Translation) can be proper.
but basically at RoonARC, I don’t know how to change roon server IP.

how to find protocol details between RoonARC and RoonServer?
then I think I can design the network diagram.

Look - I am not a member of the Roon Support team, I am just another customer of Roon Labs. I think if port forwarding is not possible in your company then you’re out of luck.

You might investigate whether Tailscale could be a solution?

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tailscale VPN seams solution for my issue.
I will check more details.
thanks for your help.

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