Local Roon Library but SACD/CDs are out of print

I fully agree :+1:

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What a bargain. It’s much more on ebay and discogs.

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Absolutely no regrets. Price per album is really great for a nice Boxset. I just grabbed it because I thought it might go out of print before decide to buy it.

Still not sure what version of “Desire” to get. I can’t even find out what master is used for the Qobuz 192khz version. The MFSL SACD is just way to expensive… 80-90€ after import fees and shipping. Can’t be worth it really.

Interesting facts about the SACD / CD releases by sony.


So looks like there is not really a need to go after the Mofi releases really.

Why not? The MoFi SACD releases sound better than any of the previous digital releases (CD or SACD).

From that article I posted it looks like Sony did a damn good job to go back to the original tapes.

I compared the DR of the diffrent releases and from what I could find there wasn’t that much of a difference really.

I’ve read several threads on Steve Hoffman and Reddit and there doesn’t seem to be really a preference towards the Mofi releases.
Some even prefer the Old LPs and CDs that suffer from dynamic compression for the vinyl releases.

But what I just read was this , and it sounds exactly like audiophile snake oil that goes into the same category as R2R DACs, tube amps, etherregen and audiophile usb cables.

" GAIN stands for Greater Ambient Information Network, “and that’s an indication of exactly what listeners will hear with our new mastering process,” said John Wood, Executive Vice President of Mobile Fidelity. “The GAIN HD 4X DSD process delivers a subtle but significant improvement in low-level detail, ambient information and ‘air,’ and perhaps most importantly, a relaxed ease in the musical presentation that simply sounds less ‘reproduced’ and more natural and involving.”

I will get give the Mofi SACDs a chance when I happen to get my hands on them but from what I have been reading (reviews like warm sound, smoother, relaxed etc) it all sounds like it’s just mastered for the vinyl crowd (all assumptions on my side, but I prefer clear sound, clean sound and not a warm blanket.

Just listen to the MoFi “Blonde on Blonde” SACD and tell us what you think!

Will definitely try to get my hands on it. But at the moment it’s not super high on my priority list.
Did you listen to the mono releases from the Sony Boxset? I’ve been enjoying them alot.

The MFSL stuff is really expensive (used). If they would make DSD downloads available to purchase I would definitely buy them even at 30-40USD.

But importing a used CD/SACD for 40-50€ + 18€ shipping and another 15€ import fees and tax is just a bit much. :slight_smile:

Yes, the MOFI products are very expensive for those of us outside the USA.

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