Local WMA (lossless) albums can't be found through Roon [Answered WMA unsupported]

Hi there,

I just realized that a whole bunch of albums encoded as WMA (lossless) on my NAS aren’t showing up in Roon. These albums contains all the proper metadata, correct file names, cover art, and so forth.

Is there a way to show these albums?

From the Roon Knowledge Base:

Windows Media Audio describes a pair of audio compression schemes, one lossy, and one lossless. WMA content is almost always found in an ASF container with a .wma extension.

Roon does not support WMA."

You will need to convert them to a format supported by Roon.


At time I started encoding my CDs there wasn’t much choices around for lossless file format that was easily portable on a whole bunch of consumer-grade devices. FLAC was back then very niche and supported on a few devices, ALAC was complicated for Windows, and MP3 was lossy… so I made back then the choice of converting to WMA (lossless). These files played for years and years on all sort of mobile phones!

Now I need to find a way to convert 7816+ WMA files to FLAC. :thinking:

Try dBpoweramp batch converter works like a charm.

Note: WMA to FLAC batch conversion

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As Carl says, try the dBpoweramp batch converter. There was a time some years back when all my files were WMA lossless. dBpoweramp made short work of the conversion to FLAC, and I’ve never looked back.

Thanks a lot guys.

All WMA files now converted to FLAC. It sounds fantastic. :slight_smile: