Locking a Playlist

Would it be possible to have a feature to ‘lock’ a playlist, from re-ordering, deletion or addition.

I sometimes use Playlists to recreate the Setlist from a Concert, so that needs to be a fixed order list of songs and I wish to ‘lock’ it, so the order can’t be changed, or songs deleted by mistake.



Another request for this.

I use Roon for classical works. Just scrolling on my iPhone can re-order the a playlist - resulting in a concert or opera that’s now in the wrong order.

Yes, I have just spent time compiling the Guardian’s “Bowie’s Greatest 50 Songs” as a Playlist, which obviously needs to be maintained in order.
I am also Left-handed, so when I go to scroll up and down a playlist it is very easy to reorder the tracks, using the ‘#’ column.

@mike Could their please be a toggle on a playlist to ‘lock’ its content & order.

Under the 3 dots perhaps

Will be nice!

You can export your playlist in Excel files to preserved them.
If you have deleted something, you can reimport them easily.