Log in problems - AGAIN!

Suddenly, I am again at the login screen to my Roon account for some reason. I log in, but it just hangs. Roon guys! What is going on here? A near perfect problem except for logging in.

OK, this is the weird thing. I have to deauthorise my core and it seems to work.


I also have another question. What happened if my Internet was down. Could I log on again??

I hope so

See here:

Roon phones home about once a month to check your license validity.

Thanks but I am concerned about this checking the licence business. I purchased a lifetime licence and I don’t want to be periodically knocked off to log in from time to time. What happens if I get knocked off and I have Internet problems for some time. I do live in Australia and in my area Internet, it is not very reliable

Maybe an idea for Roon development.
Why don’t you check License at the end (or beginning) of the backup execution process. All key elements need to be present to be able to take a backup - Roon Core Server, internet, Roon (Remote) control.
Can also help to kindly remember users to perform timely backups. I.e. no License check in e.g. 1 month, warning ‘backup’ message to user.


Yes, I’ve had this issue with each of the recent updates. It seems to happen after I install the updated Android APK on my Fire HD tablet. I haven’t bothered fussing about it after I figured out the trick, because it only seems to happen immediately after the upgrade. I figured Roon has changed the way they authorize the remote unit or something like that.

I had the same after an update on my NAS. Just a lucky click on de-autorize solved it.

Maybe this is common enough that “the trick” should be posted somewhere prominently.

Later I found this solution while using the search function