Log of what’s exported / not-exported ... and full text for albums and stuff

hello roon

please can you fix it so we can

a) have a log of what’s exported, and what hasn’t exported, becuase some stuff fails to export and as mentioned many times it’s because (probably, because I can’t verify it in this case because of b) ) of the … bug.

b) let us see somehow FULL text for albums and stuff? I want to easily look for albums which cock up because of a) but b) won’t let me


PS… Sorry about my tone, but having another bad day, which is compounded when I have to deal with ongoing and unaddressed bugs and implementation limitations at the end of the day when I want to forget how crap my real life is and curate a bit of music.

Bump… Any comment from Roon on this please?

Bumping doesn’t really help, I’m afraid.

Feature requests are treated different from support requests and as a standard practice don’t get comments from Roonlabs. They said (multiple times, I believe) that the Feature Request section gets monitored - and that’s all that’s promised; a bit like: let them voice their wishes, you never know, maybe there’s something interesting coming up.

So don’t expect an answer. Now if a request triggers a discussion (about its contents) and (more) use cases are described it may help to get indeed something on the road.

Yeah but it’s a grey area as to what constitutes a feature request and what is something which is badly coded, and needs fixing, like truncation of text which should have hover text or a log of exports. That’s not really a “feature request” really, but more of “finish it off”

I like roon, a lot. But there’s so many rough edges which need sorting out and are just not being lobbied for loudly enough.