Logging in with PIA VPN

Well, I saw some stuff about 1.8, and saw the monthly feature, so I thought maybe it’d be a good time to give Roon another chance while I’m stuck at home for a few more months. (Once we’re back in the office, I’m not sure how much good Roon can do if I can’t connect to my core remotely, but that’s another topic)

I use Private Internet Access VPN, and turning it off isn’t an option. It works incredibly well, I don’t notice any real issues with speed and the added security is just a no-brainer.

Except…I can’t even log into my Roon account from a web browser (let alone the app) while on the VPN. This really shouldn’t be an issue? I don’t even need to connect to it from other devices right now, just want to run the software on my Mac Mini and use it there.

I’ve seen some “we don’t support VPN’s” comments, but…that is really bad policy considering how many people use them for basic piece of mind. And you certainly shouldn’t have any problem logging into roonlabs.com regardless of your IP?

If it isn’t an option, I guess it’s no big deal, but it doesn’t really seem like this should be a big issue.

I have PIA and I’m writing this whilst using it. It works on my roonlabs.com account too. I’ve not tried running my core via PIA though. Currently using Open VPN via the UK London server.

I have to log in on my work computer just to access these forums. Although I’m only using north American-based servers. (I’ve used UK ones in the past for things, but generally it doesn’t make a ton of sense to do that full-time) It’s just very strange. Doesn’t matter which server/IP I pick, either. And I’ve never gotten the split tunnel feature to work, although I shouldn’t have to do it and I’m a bit skeptical of how well it works anyways.