Logging of Buffer underruns?

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I would like to know if I can somehow know if the Roon Core is unable to stream correctly. I mean if a bit perfect streams is sent to the my Roon Bridge on my Pi. Are technical difficulties between Core/Bridge logged somewhere? I want to see if hickups for example exists because Roon Core does not get my data fast enough to my Bridge (perhaps because of a light weight NAS). MPD reported buffer underruns because it knew it could not get the bits in time out to the soundcard.

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Based on my own observations, the Core writes periodic updates to the RoonServer.txt log file with the percentage full state of the endpoint’s buffer. Typically you see that have one or two non-100% entries at the start of a song, then all 100% until the song is almost over and the endpoint is actually draining out the last bits of the song. If you see it wavering during the middle of playback, you probably have an issue. However, in these cases, it usually doesn’t waver. It goes to zero and Roon warns about playback failed and advances to the next song in the queue.