Logitech Transporter: 'Add' button disconnects Transporter from RoonCore

While most of the Transporter buttons are either disabled or have limited support, the ‘Add’ button will disconnect a Transporter from the LMS server.

Repo steps:

  1. Press the ‘Add’ button while Transporter is Playing music from RoonCore

User is kicked to MYSQUEEZEBOX.COM menu and music will stop once audio buffer runs out of data. The user must select option 10) ‘Connect to Logitech Media Server’ to resume connection with Roon.

‘Add’ button should be disabled.

This is 100% as designed. If fact, IIRC it’s the only way to disconnect it.

@Jeol - Thanks for the response. I appreciate that to a Dev this isn’t a functionality ‘bug’. For myself, having such an easily accessible way to remove my device from communicating with the Roon Server is more of a liability than a desirable feature. :slight_smile:

Possibly this functionality could be revisited or improved in the future by implementing a rudimentary menu system for LMS hardware like the Transporter. Then the functionality could be buried one level in a menu system, much like the OEM setup. Or perhaps the LMS interface logic could be open-sourced so each hardware sect of the community could take on the burden of maintaining or enhancing the experience.