Is the Roon's Logitech interface logic open-sourced?

I really enjoyed using Roon, I think it’s a great responsive application, and I was very pleased to see that Roon has devoted a lot of resources to supporting devices like the Logitech’s hardware. However, I was a bit disappointed to find out that when using Roon my Logitech Transporter could not perform basic operations like adjusting the volume directly (without using the remote control). I wanted to hit the volume button and rotate the master knob. While using Roon with a Tablet or computer is a very rich user experience, sometimes you just want to turn up or down a song using hardware. In my household, the Transporter is smack in the middle of our living room so the kids and wife can do just that.

It would be awesome if I could contribute to the existing projects to help implement these features. It’s awesome that RoonLabs has such a good GitHub page. I just have not found a repo that look like it contains a shim or port for the LMS code.

RoonLabs seems like a pretty cool company to code for, shame you are in NYC, it’s a long commute from Seattle. :smiley: