Long press to play...questions

I have a couple of questions about long press to play to feature:

  1. After long pressing an album or track(s), why do I have to make another selection after pressing Play? Why cant the options like Play, Add to Queue, Radio, etc be displayed after I long press? Seems like an unnecessary extra step.

  2. Why cant I long press on the discovery page? If I see something I am interested in on the Discovery page I should be able to take an action on it by long pressing (see above). A regular press will open up more details about that selection.

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No, not unnecessary. It prevents you (or even worse one of your guest at a party) from accidently killing your play queue. A problem with many media players, perfectly solved in roon.

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Hi @tboooe,

Long pressing an album or track is selecting it so that a further operation can be performed.
The next operation could be for example to select another album or track, to export the selection, add it to favorites of indeed play the selection.

Not quite the same subject but related … you might wish to have a read of the One Click Play Please in the feature request section, there quite a lot of discussion on “One Clicking”.

I respectively disagree. If after the long press then pressing play and the user is presented with a list of the available actions, how does this extra step prevent someone from “accidentally killing your play queue”? A user can still accidentally press the wrong action on the second screen. I dont think the risk is increased any more with my suggestion of just listing the play options right after the long press. With the current design, all that is being done is delaying the risk by adding another unnecessary step/screen. The user can still make the same mistake either way.

I agree with the next action but after long pressing why cant the list of available next operations just be shown at the top of the screen so I can make an immediate selection versus having to press Play then making a selection?

First world problems I know! :grinning: