Looking for a way (smartlist/view) for Roon to suggest albums based on my defined criteria?

Hi guys

i would love a view that i can use where Roon would suggest me albums based on my defined criteria?

ie a album view with only albums i haven’t listened to in the past year but also with a rating of X

is something like this possible?



If you mean you’d like to narrow down your local albums you can do so using focus, as follows:

This is showing all the 5 star albums that I haven’t played in the last year (i.e. ‘played in the last year’ is negated).

I’m not sure if it works the same way with Qobuz or Tidal content that you have added.

thx @DaveN , yeah that’s what i had in mind

is it possible to show me only 5 random albums each time? could not find a way to do so in focus?

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I don’t think focus can be randomised.

Although Roon itself doesn’t have a randomise feature, this can be added via extensions. Here’s one you might find useful:

thx! @DaveN

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