Looking for Endpoint help - streamer without a DAC

you dont mention a budget that I recall…??? @Stanton_Bailey

also what dac interfaces are in play as a raspberry pi will only support a USB connection without additional hardware on top (HATs)

I was thinking around $2-3 K for 4 streamers. Which usually means 5 around here.
The DACs are all Schiit - Modi, Bifrost, Gungnir. Only the Gungnir has USB all the others I use coax.

Just so I don’t go deep into the wrong area - where do I get Rpi and Pi 4s?

I’ll also look at used node 2is

Thanks all

I used an RPi4 before then went to an upgraded microRendu (upgraded with Crystek oscillator), powering it with a Keces LPS. Its connected to an RME ADI-2 fs DAC. The change bought a clear improvement in sound, especially in higher frequencies (RPi4 gave a harsh sound in the upper frequencies).

Others experiences might vary, some claim RPi4 is as good as it gets (and maybe it is for their system).

Unfortunately the supply chain situation for many manufacturers has impacted on Pi availability. I have used https://thepihut.com/ and you can get notified of availability of Pi 4.

Have a look at classifieds here and anywhere else you are on as there are plenty of people like Magnus above who have upgraded from one.

There are a few good threads here about Ropiee and dietpi which are worth finding and reading before going down the Pi root as there is a bit (but minimal) legwork involved.


www.ropieee.org has a great tutorial on setting a pi too

Coax connections would require an additional HAT

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Something like the Allo DigiOne.


I used to own the Digione and it was superb. I hope the product is still available.

I checked on the link above and it’s available in Europe.

eBay is also a good option for finding RPis. I got my last one from there with a touchscreen for a reasonable price.

I’m considering selling mine as my future plans don’t require it. I’ll take a few days to think about it and will post accordingly.