Looking for: Isao Suzuki Quartet + Isao Suzuki

I am looking for:

  • Isao Suzuki Quartet +1 - “Blue City”
  • Isao Suzuki - “Blow Up”

Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year


Hi Torben, I see a few things on Amazon Music. Not sure if this is helpful or not.
Best wishes for your holidays

Thanks @OffRode Rob. I am not “on” Amazon :slight_smile: They albums are not on Qobuz and not on common download sites (buy).


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Blow Up https://a.co/d/6nhlGBu

US Amazon

Check EBay

Not the album you are looking for, but, I’ve always liked this one since it’s original release. Nice that it is on Bandcamp.

Approach | Isao Suzuki | BBE

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THX - Great album as well. Just bought it.

I am counting on you to find the other albums at a great price :slight_smile: (LOL)


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What is your preferred way of obtaining your music?

@OffRode Hi Rob. As I don’t have a CD-Player anymore I buy most of my music as download. If that is not possible I buy the CD an rip it to the server.

God Jul - Fröhliche Weihnachten - Merry Christmas



I have lots of his music ripped to my Roon server, but I had to import them all as CDs from Japan

I will probably have to do the same - import from Japan (CD) and than rip.


Absolutely worth it. I have currently 14 Isao Suzuki albums and a whole bunch of other TBM CDs :slight_smile:

Where did you buy them?




They offer DHL shipping and you can pay import fees in advance.

Or you order from jpc in Germany but limited selection and more expensive

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Just placed my first order :slight_smile:


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nice. let me know how you like them. I have currently 45 TBM CDs/Sacds. and about 290 that I tagged with “Japanese” that’s mostly Jazz, Enka, Folk music from Japanese Artists

make sure to check out Ayako Hosokawa, Mari Nakamoto , Hidefumi Toki , Yoshiko Sai , Maki Asakawa , Yasuko Ogawa… I actually got a Turntable to be able to listen to LP only stuff by those Artists.