Looking for logical process to troubleshoot dropouts -- Mac mini, multi-room using microrendu & ELAC Discovery

I know part of this has been covered because I have read numerous posts on this forum. As a result, I understand that there are several possible causes for the dropouts that I am currently experiencing. As noted above, I have latest Roon running on a Mac mini, which is not used for anything else. I have a few microrendus in the house that are generally reached through wifi extenders or apple airports. My local library is attached to the Mac mini with an external drive. The dropouts occur frequently with Tidal and Qobuz, and less frequently (but enough to cause worry) when I am playing my local library.

What I am looking for from the braintrust and years of experience that is gathered here is a simple troubleshooting sequence and general suggestions. For example, does the fact that my dropouts also happen with the local library mean my internet entering the house is fine, or does that not correlate.

In short, what should I check first, etc?

Any help is greatly appreciated.



Dropouts are invariably related to the local LAN setup and how the equipment is connected to it.
In your post your mention Apple Airports, and WiFi extender these typically don’t “play” nice with Roon so consider replacing the Airports and eliminate the extenders with wired connections.

To avoid assumptions can you detail all the network equipment in use and how there are connected.
Start at the ISP router and work down from there.

That said, I would focus on getting the Roon Core to one endpoint stable first.

Make sure the Mac Mini, that’s running the Roon Core, is hardwired to a switch that is also hardwired to the ISP router. (If you’re not using switch then directly to a port on the router).

Then hook up one endpoint again hardwired, so there is no reliance on WiFi.
Test that setup, with both local files and Qobuz streaming.

If all ok, then start to add in the WiFi connected endpoints one by one and retest at each stage.

If the dropouts return, then report back at which stage this happened as the will give a big clue as to where the problem lies.


I personally would focus on one endpoint and unplug whatever other network extenders and airports you don’t need to support your chosen endpoint. The goal is to pick whatever system that has the least amount of gear between it and your router.

If that works without issue, add one device back at a time, test, rinse and repeat.

Thank you for the recommended approach. I will have some time this weekend to test things further.



As much as you can use actual ethernet cables (hardwired) to your router instead of using WiFi. I have my DAC/Streamer hardwired to my router and my Intel NUC running ROCK hardwired to my router and my NAS hardwired to my router. I have NEVER had any dropouts. Don’t be afraid to run ethernet cables through your attic or walls. Also having ROCK running on a dedicated Intel NUC helps and having a NAS with all of your digital music stored onto it helps.

Thanks Tim.

Since my last post I have upgraded my internet speed from my provider from 100 to 400, and updated my router to a non-apple unit. So far, no dropouts. Thanks all for the suggestions.