Looking for NAS recommendations. Users only...I know Roon employees can’t do that

A lot of this is beyond me and I don’t want to be selling a Roon HW product over something else. But the Nucleus+, probably 2-3 times the price of a comparable computer, does the job perfectly. Moreover, it is a Linux machine that Roon updates it for you (and promises to continue to do so). If you are a computer person, maybe you like messing around between systems that talk to each other in different tongues, but for me, the Nucleus+ is the closest thing to an out-of-box experience you are going to get setting up a network. I built my QNAP NAS, and the configuration was not the simplest thing in the world for me. Another thing about the Nucleus+ and external hard drive combo is that the latter is dirt cheap. Buy two or three HDs. Every month or so, I back up one and take it offsite to my office. That is a true backup in the way that a RAID configuration isn’t – it will survive even my home burning down. I now use the QNAP mostly for data storage, photos, and the like. If you don’t need instant access, it is quite easy. But for music? The QNAP to music streamer connection through WiFi just isn’t fast enough.