Looking for WQXR in Live Radio

I’m trying to add WQXR to my Live Radio entries. Does anyone know the URL?

WQXR-FM is in the database.

I just did this in My Live Radio: 1) Click on “add station”; 2) choose “browse live radio”; 3) click on Locations; 4) chose United States; 5) chose New York. No WQXR. I further tried New Jersey. No luck.


Not the best way for popular locations as by default you only get 30 stations.

Did you select more at the top of the list? That should work - except for very popular locations or genres (200 is the limit now, I believe).

However, the easiest is to search for WQXR with the magnifying glass (top right), select the station, and add it to your my live radio from there with the ”+” symbol.

Working now. Thanks!

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