Looking to Add A TouchScreen - Using the Allo HAT

Looking to add the touchscreen to my Pi, but I am using the Allo Hat (as pictured). With this extra piece, is it possible and use a stock case or is this designed for use without a HAT?


Thanks in advance for any guidance.

You can use the display and Hats. I screwed the display driver board to the display and then added the Pi and then three other boards stacked on top of it. The only tricky part is getting power for the display. it wants 5V and the pins available for that in the GPIO header are occupied with your hat. There may be a place on that hat to sneak some of the system 5V out. I soldered to the GPIO header pins under the Pi to steal the 5V (the yellow and black twisted pair in this pic). Here’s a pic:

Also I’ve never used one of these cases, but they are the only thing that holds the 7" display and doesn’t look like a toy that I’ve found:



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Thank you for the prompt reply. This is way over my pay grade.

I was correct to assume it was not straightforward. Any other possibility without getting all MacGyver?

There are a few plastic case which look “okay” and don’t enclose the Pi at the back, so the HATs can simply be stacked into the air as required. As to power, one can use a split USB cable to power both the display and the PI — it isn’t required to use the pins. EDIT: sometimes with an additional HAT you may not have enough power, even with a 3A supply, so you will need to adjust. I was too cavalier in my original words.

I also use a few “display-only” configurations, so I can place the display where it looks best and place the audio end-point where it close to the DAC.


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Thank you, all. I have abandoned the HAT and ordered the enclosed case. Looking forward to getting this going.

You can’t use the screen with those cases; you’ll need a touch screen case which has the RPi mounted on the back. It’ll work but won’t be elegant.

There are few alternatives and these are expensive, e.g. Audiophonics.

With this case, you can add the screen and keep the HAT. They also sell a larger back cover if you want one.

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There was a thread a while back about just the display side of things. I found this DIY display solution elegant and very nice looking. I have to say I’m impressed:


They are working.

I think the OP knows that. He posted that screen in his first post.

Actually earlier in the thread I linked to is more or less exactly what you are trying to do I believe: