Looks like Tidal is down?

As at 1000 hrs CET 11.02.2021
Anybody else unable to login to Tidal?

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Yep, same here … ;(

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Yes. likewise. : :frowning_face:

Sydney -

EDIT: Back up and running! All good as of this morning

Same thing here.Norway.

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Yes, Downdetector.com is showing a big spike now.

502 - Bad Gateway. Germany.

Same here, playing song and suddenly stop, cannot login tidal anymore

Germany - can confirm

504 Gateway Time-out

Denmark also down

It’s down for me here in the States as well

yes tidal cant login
on my roon system
and on my tidal hifi app on my iphone
and on my naim unitiqute2 streamer
no ability to play from tidal on all 3

Glad the problem isn’t on my end then :wink: Hope they fix it asap!

Yes, Tidal songs in a playlist displayed as unavailable. Tried to sign out, and back in again in the settings > services page, but the website prompt doesn’t want to load.

At least it’s a Tidal issue and not a Roon 1.8 problem :man_shrugging:t2:


im also in denmark and no tidal playback

YES - looks like a total disaster

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Just did the second 1.8 update that was released today and then tidal stopped working. Thankfully it’s not roon!!

same thing Italy

Same here in the Netherlands. After login at the tidal website:

504 Gateway Time-out

Via Roon the message:

Failed to reconnect. Please retry later.

and here