Loose Coupling of Compositions

Classical compositions often have several relatives. One example is Copland’s “Billy the Kid, ballet” which spawned “Billy the Kid, suite for orchestra” and also “Billy the Kid, for two pianos”. Two of these have unique metadata elements.

While I would like to keep these as three separate compositions (because of the varying metadata), I would also like to see some “loose coupling” of the three. Perhaps this could be in the form of a “see also two-piano version” or “see also ballet”.

Why not just merge them? Well, I see that feature as a short-cut for entering the correct canonical name to one or more deficiently named performances. Once merged, they would lose their individual form or character.

If you got further than “classical compositions”, thank you for considering this request.

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I agree.
I have a version of the Rite of Spring for two pianos, which Stravinsky wrote for use at rehearsals since they didn’t Roon in 1905. It is fabulous, reminds us that a piano is a percussion instrument.

On the other hand, I have gotten by without a “see also” relationship, simply going by the name. Would work for Billy The Kid as well, no?

As an inspiration that’s how musicbrainz currently interconnects works (compositions):


A good (evil?) argument against the feature: without sufficient knowledge about such relationships the feature may not find much use / will be a waste. The bad bad m-word comes to (my) mind …

Good points all. I was thinking about the so called Composition page, where all performances of one work are listed. It would be “handy” to have the loose links there also.

I was looking at Billy Kid ballet and noticed a seemingly small number of performances. It took a while before I uncovered the reason: the majority of performances were of the Suite, not ballet.

Granted, it’s a “first world problem” and not much of a problem at that. And I wouldn’t put in my top 10 things to fix.

But, while it cropped up, I thought I would mention it.

BTW: did you know there’s a Billy the Kid track by … you guessed it… Billy Joel. Not at all similar :).

u_gee thanks for the MB structure. The first question that comes to mind is: who’s gonna make those connections? GIGO… oh well, I can dream.

Volunteers, mostly … :slight_smile:

For instance: https://musicbrainz.org/work/68d0ff5f-1297-4461-af8c-5c1f2cf397c5