Loss of tracks from innuous zen mini

I am new to all of this and am running roon on a zen mini mk3 with a backup usb drive attached.
I have a small library 6k tracks, and noticed yesterday that about 1000 tracks, including whole albums were missing.
I was able to fix this by reinstalling from the back up on the innuous and then rescanning.

Today, I restarted the innuous and am missing the 1000 tracks again. I can’t seem to fix by reinstalling back up and then rescanning.

It’s the same tracks and albums that are shown as deleted by the way. Most were downloaded to the innuous but at least one deleted album was recently ripped.

Any thoughts

The missing tracks dont show up on my innuous or my backup usb drive

But the library section on roon notes that I have 1000 deleted tracks

Is there anyway to restore them

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Hi @Douglas_Coulter,

Can you share a screenshot of Settings > Storage?

Can you access these albums outside of Roon?

I switched back to the innnuous library system and retried to rescan. Many of the missing albums showed up, sort of. For example on the innuous library system one missing album showed up 33 times, with the same single track in each album. No obvious problems with the albums that roon saw.

Damaged file system? Hardware or software?

And it gets weirder, after I imported an album, I went back to roon, only to find it is analyzing 41k tracks for import, including all the missing albums.

I certainly don’t have 41k tracks. my hd space has not increased an iota.
Going to check the music file directory on the hd next.

And weirder still. After roon completed the import process ,2125 files were deleted, leaving me with the 5k tracks that I had yesterday.

Fixed for the time being after much work. Roon wasn’t reading To a sub sub directory, or rather it was importing files from that sub sub directory and then later deciding that they were deleted.

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