Loss of volume control by Roon over SB3 and Touch

I don’t think it was the case initially, but with both my SB3 and Touch the Roon volume slider does not work. I can move it up violently and the sound level briefly increases and then goes back to where it was. This is less extreme with the SB3 which has a limited degree of change, but won’t mute completely, whereas I have to go to the Touch itself to physically change volume at all.

The problem has not arisen with a Boom, although that is developing other problems now, or a Radio.

It has always seemed a miracle that Roon could control Slim Devices / Squeezeboxes at all, so I have lived with it until now, but the siren call of the Raspberry (which sounds like it must be a mixed metaphor) and the realisation that using them as a Roon endpoint really is as easy as people have said all along, has become irresistible. (Well, apparently at least. I haven’t physically proved it yet!).

So HiFiBerry DAC and Amp bundles have now been ordered, and a sad and respectful last post will be sounded for the Touch and the SB3 (and a mini amp used with it currently). The Boom will be kept as a backup and the Radio will take over bedside duties. This means that Squeezebox is not entirely eliminated, as there seemed no point in splurging on a not inexpensive Bluesound Pulse Flex just for that. Nothing else seems remotely like the magnificent Boom or Radio. It really is sad what Logitech bought then broke.

Anyway, enough rambling. Really I was just wondering if anybody else had experienced the same volume control issues.