Lossless Apple Music Lumin U1 Mini

Lossless Apple Music, anyone tried a Lumin U1 mini with an iPad Air2 or better connected via usb input (using a thunderbolt connector to one of the USB Type A adapters)?
Wondering if my old iPad Air 2 will be enough or if I need to buy something newer.

To play Apple Music using a Lumin, you can only use AirPlay over network. AirPlay1 to Lumin is lossless 16/44.1.

The Lumin USB port is meant for output to a USB DAC or for using a USB storage device only. The Lumin cannot be connected to an iPad using a USB cable.

If you want to use iPad Lightning / USB output to play Apple Music, you need to connect it to a USB DAC. For lightning port you need the Apple USB3 Camera Adapter.

Thanks I will try connecting to my BDA-3 second USB input.