Lost extension in roon


I just noticed that my LCD was not updating the cover art for songs. the controls seemed to work, however the cover and song scroll did not update. So I rebooted it and it lost its connection to ROON, when I look in ROON the extension has gone away.

Feedback submitted if that helps 83103ab2f3044b52

I am in the process of rebooting and troubleshooting and will let you know what happens. So far rebooting Roon core, RoPieee and switches has not worked. Router and all other components is next.

Ok. Your extension is crashing, hence the behaviour. Looking into this why.

This is not something you can fix by restarting stuff. So 2 options:

  1. reflash
  2. ‘get dirty’ and run some commands.

The latter obviously requires some basic linux command line skills.

I will try the re-flash route.
My Linux-FU is weak at best.


edit: this is a good opportunity to use the new cards I just bought.

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Re-flash did the trick. Not sure why it lost it in the first place…